When Should Anti-Drug Programs Start? Kindergarten is not too Soon

When Should Anti-Drug Programs Start? Kindergarten is not too Soon

Many parents and school officials want to know that when it is the right time to start educating children about the dangers of drugs and alcohol? The truth is there is no right time. On the one hand, people think that this should be something that children grow up and gradually learn about it. On the other hand, some schools are starting to explain addiction to young children as early as kindergarten.

Anti-Drug Efforts

Today, schools are holding various events to raise awareness for children. The purpose of these events is to educate young children about the dangers. Programs include parades, rallies and include students, teachers, local businesses, parents, and police. The children are able to become part of these events, and that really affects how they will learn and receive this information.

Too Many Overdoses

There has been a dramatic spike in heroin and prescription drug abuse, so police are speaking with young adolescents trying to curb the drug problem. In fact, many people say that we need to ask students questions such as “Have you heard of heroin and cocaine? Any of you guys heard of that? What are they made out of? Once you find the answers, you will realize how much they are already aware of, and then we can design a way to explain addiction to young children.

These things have to be addressed this young because kids as young as middle school are abusing prescription drugs. We need to educate children about the side effects and consequences of using drugs. We need to make them understand that it is an illegal activity. It is critical since there is really no difference between some of the prescription meds and heroin and cocaine.

Children Need to be Prepared.

Children need to know a lot more than using drugs is against the law, and that is not even enough. In fact, they need to know how to read labels, what to do when someone offers them drugs or alcohol, and how they are going to handle the peer pressure involved with saying no. Many students believe that the most important part is that because you do not want other people to get hurt and you do not want you to get hurt as well so that you should probably follow the set rules.

Tough Talk

Talking with children is not an easy talk by any means, but it is one that must be done with extreme care. It also needs to start when children are very young so that they can start understanding the essence of what they are being told. There is a difference between hearing about drugs and watching them on TV. Children need to really grasp the concept and understand it without any ambiguity. Hopefully, there will be many more programs that will make children think and prepare them for how to safeguard themselves when they need it most against drug abuse and addiction. In this way, we can fight this menace with much higher chances of success.


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