What Causes Of Alcoholism

What Causes Of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is a mental and physical illness that affects not only a person but the whole society regardless of age and gender. Both women and men both adults and children fall into alcohol slavery. Statistical and genetic studies have shown that alcoholism is formed in 30-40% of the population of the USA and men get sick ten times more often than women. Alcoholism causes great harm to society it destroys families has a detrimental effect on the upbringing of children leads to a violation of labor discipline to injuries push people to immoral acts gives rise to crime. Alcohol subjugates the will destroys the psyche and negatively affects the work of all internal organs and systems.

The causes of alcoholism can be different sociological psychological and even genetic. Alcohol disrupting biological metabolic processes replaces many vital elements in the metabolic structure. It is scientifically proven that even a small amount of alcohol disrupts the coordinated work of the cerebral cortex. Alcohol enhances the arousal process and weakens the inhibition process. Consequently, a drunk person cannot control his behavior.

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The consequences of alcoholism for the human body can be fatal and destructive. All internal systems and organs are affected alcohol poisons brain cells lead to severe diseases of the liver pancreas stomach have a harmful effect on the lungs kidneys endocrine glands reduces the body’s resistance to infections leads to irreversible changes in the circulatory system and heart muscles to gross defects of the diseases of the vascular wall of the genitourinary system (renal failure impotence infertility etc.) mental disorders. In adolescence, the body is most vulnerable since the transformation of a child into an adult is in full swing at this moment a terrible blow is dealt with him. For example, the liver at this age has a higher carrying capacity in addition its structure did not have time to get stronger. As a result liver disease can be caused by a few grams of alcohol. In general alcohol absolutely any (even seemingly as “weak” as beer and wine) strikes the entire child’s body – liver nervous system brain respiratory tract decreased immunity and rapid transformation into a chronically ill alcoholic.

At the end of this article, we will consider the harm of alcohol in numbers. Only 30 grams of alcohol a day (two glasses of vodka or a bottle and a half of beer) give a person true cirrhosis of the liver. A third of this portion is enough for women. The chances of heart attack increase by 50%. Damage to the coronary vessels by 42%. Fatal heart attack 37%. Regular alcohol consumption shortens a person’s life by an average of 5-15 years depending on the characteristics of the human body and the intensity of consumption. Thus each person has a choice a regular short-term phantom alcoholic “pleasure” or an extra 10 years of healthy life.


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