Training The Brain To Lose Weight

Training The Brain To Lose Weight

It’s well-known that carrying extra weight is not good for your physical health. What is not discussed often enough is that overeating stems from a psychologically unhealthy state of mind. 

Weight loss, of course, is possible by eating fewer calories and engaging in more exercise. However, it is often the case that diets and exercise are short-lived. Chronic dieting can even have a negative impact on your health. 

Being overweight, in almost every case, is psychological. Eating disorders are a symptom of mental health in the same way as anxiety or depression. These types of disorders originate from negative thinking, a lack of self-worth, suppressing emotions and a poor opinion of yourself.

Although the root cause of overeating will be different for everyone, ‘comfort eating’ is often used as a coping mechanism. You then form poor eating habits that are difficult to break and subsequently put on weight. 

Training your brain to adopt healthy habits can help you lose weight. They can also be used to help you maintain healthy eating habits and regular exercise.

Learn To Destress 

Stress has a direct impact on how the body functions. When we experience stress, we go into survival mode and the brain suppresses bodily functions it deems non-essential at that moment. Your digestive system and your immune system are shut down. 

When your body is in survival mode, metabolism is slowed down so your body can restore energy. Ultimately you do not burn any fat. Stressful lifestyles are contributing to excessive weight in today’s society.

A 2018 study performed by the Mental Health Foundation in the UK revealed that 74% of the 4,619 respondents confirmed their stress levels were so high they could not cope with certain aspects of their life. 

In addition to retaining fat, when the body does come out of survival mode, people naturally turn to comfort foods – or stress eating – which is not healthy. 

De-stressing is essential for your physical and mental health. It will also enable your body to function properly and use the calories you consume in an effective way. 

Get into the habit of de-stressing every day. Tools such as deep breathing and meditation are useful. Creative hobbies such as writing, art, and even coloring books help free the mind of stressful thoughts. 

Eat Brain Food

Making an effort to lose weight does not mean you have to diet. It means you have to change your diet. Any weight loss coach will tell you to form healthy eating habits. 

Changing eating habits, on the other hand, is easier said than done if you do not have the correct mental attitude to the foods you consume. An effective method is to focus on eating “brain food”. 

Healthy foods help to alter the bacteria in your gut which has an impact on your brain function and can positively affect your moods. Foods that are rich in probiotics such as yogurt, buttermilk and avocado produce various active compounds that interact with neurochemicals produced by the brain.

In addition, add spices to your diet. Not only do they boost the flavor of meals that are otherwise bland, but spices such as cayenne pepper, ginger and turmeric have also been found to increase metabolism, enhance brain function and many other health benefits.

Observe Your Eating Habits 

Developing healthy eating habits involves improving your relationship with food. When people follow diets, they often adopt a poor relationship with food by restricting themselves to food after an inevitable binge eating episode. 

Habitual programs and repressed emotions stored in your subconscious are directly related to food cravings. When you know you are eating emotionally, ask yourself why these cravings are surfacing. 

Observing patterns of thoughts enables you to make a connection between why you binge eat or why you get certain cravings – especially after moments of stress or anxiety. 

Use mindfulness techniques enables you to understand the root cause of your eating episodes. Once you understand why you can release repressed energies and the cravings will subside. In doing so you will have more control over your eating habits. 

Author Bio Richard is a psycho-spiritual writer and energy healer. Having decoded ancient symbolism in relation to psychology and quantum physics, he is able to explain the three aspects of mind and how to transform energy using mythology, religious scripture and alchemical texts. 


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