Things To Know About IQOS

Things To Know About IQOS

IQOS tobacco heating system is the development of Philip Morris. This system still remains the most popular and demanded on the market and despite the fact that more competitors appear on sale.

IQOS is the only brand offering two different types of alternatives to smoking: tobacco heating systems and electronic cigarettes. IQOS doesn’t burn tobacco but heats it. There is no liquid, only natural tobacco.

About gadget and technology 

IQOS is a tobacco heating system running with tobacco sticks. Tobacco Stick is a type of cigarette with improved filtration. Sticks are filled with a tobacco mixture, impregnated with an aqueous solution of food glycerin. A distinguishing peculiarity from ordinary smoking is that there is no open flame and tobacco is heated only to a temperature of 350°C.

Obviously, in this case, smoking remains smoking, but it’s less harmful. Because nicotine is served in the respiratory system together with the ferry, and not with smoke. The tobacco heating technology developed by Philip Morris has already been repeatedly duplicated by other companies. However, the present-day remains original, since the tobacco is heated not at the external perimeter as in Ploom developed by Winston, but from the inside. Anyway, most people associate safe tobacco heating technology only with the IQOS brand.

How does IQOS work? 

IQOS is a structurally complex device consisting of 3 elements:

  • The charger is necessary to charge the holder after each use.
  • The holder actually is a smoking device in which the heating element is located and where the sticks are inserted.
  • Heated tobacco sticks are structurally complex products in which there is a certain amount of compressed tobacco dust and filter.

With the release of tobacco heating systems from other brands, marketer Philip Morris realized that the decision to produce systems with separate components was not the most successful. Therefore, the IQOS 3 Multi model appeared on sale, where the holder and the charger is single integer. But, oddly enough, the system with separate components traditionally takes greater popularity.

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So, general info about IQOS you already know. Certainly, you can still smoke ordinary cigarettes, which are more expensive annually and do not become better… But is it worth all this? Meanwhile, numerous studies confirm that the only harm for the body from tobacco when using IQOS is the effects of nicotine. Resin, paper and other decay products that are allocated during burning tobacco do not fall into the human’s body. Isn’t it a reasonable reason to go and buy IQOS?


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