The Holistic Treatment for Addiction

The Holistic Treatment for Addiction

Being a highly complicated issue, addiction does not respond to a single solution that is applicable to all individuals. When centers for drug and alcohol treatment were first established, the 12-step concept of Alcoholics Anonymous served as the basis for all that followed. The 12-step method was seen as the sole viable choice for those seeking drug rehabilitation.

During the last several years, the holistic treatment approach has developed, and it has fundamentally altered the foundation for what is regarded to be successful pharmacological therapy. As a general rule, holistic treatment facilities treat people as a whole from the inside out, using many techniques and modalities, including therapies for individuals, couples, families, hypnosis, physical training, and a nutritious diet.

There are lots of benefits of using a holistic treatment approach. In contrast to 12-step programs, which operate under the outmoded assumption that addiction is an incurable illness and that the addiction itself is the main issue, holistic treatment facilities provide a far more coherent and effective approach. As a consequence, these facilities mostly provide group treatment and do not provide counseling tailored to individual issues. There’s no consideration given to the fact that each individual is dealing with a unique set of problems and life situations and that private attention and individually tailored therapy is the only way to successfully navigate the minefield of issues that are lurking beneath the surface.

Drug and alcohol addiction, and eventually dependence on drugs and alcohol, is simply a coping strategy for people who are experiencing physical and emotional suffering. According to studies, it’s possible to be fully cured of your addiction; but, in order to discover this treatment, you must first identify the underlying reasons for your actions. For instance, an individual with abuse, suffering from depression or mental illness, going through a divorce, or is otherwise distressed is much more likely to turn to drugs or alcohol as a means of numbing their pain, which eventually leads to a dependency on their substance of choice, according to research. Essentially, after you have identified and worked through the source of your suffering, you will no longer have a desire to utilize drugs or alcohol to dull the discomfort. The likelihood of relapse increases if you just concentrate on the addiction and don’t address the underlying issues.

When it comes to addiction, there are lots of very personal and painful experiences that most individuals won’t feel comfortable discussing in public. No matter if you’re suffering from an undetected medical illness, childhood trauma, family issues, or other underlying reasons of addiction, individual treatment is much more effective at discovering what causes you to go for drugs and alcohol abuse.

For addiction treatment and avoiding relapse, a holistic treatment approach is one the most efficient and practices options. The non-12-step programs are very effective and will assist you in identifying the problems that are driving your drug addiction, which are the most significant roadblocks in your journey to living a clean, happy, and healthy lifestyle for yourself.


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