The Food Options & Timings in Muscle Building Diet

The Food Options & Timings in Muscle Building Diet

Normally it takes a few months to build muscles and it can not be done overnight as it requires lots of exercises and proper diet on consistent basis. Those, who already have good muscles, know the importance of good diet. Good diet has high impact on building muscles as the process becomes easier when a person gives equal importance to muscle building diet with muscle building workouts.

When you concentrate on your muscle building diet too, it will take less time to build muscle than you concentrate on the exercises only. A body requires a lot of energy, so this is only your food intake which will give you energy and will make your stamina to work harder to do more exercises like weighlifting, compound exercises, etc. Making a correct diet chart plays an important role in building packs of muscles.

When you have realized the importance of diet in building muscles, all you have to do is to change your daily pattern of food and you may have to take more number of meals each day.

Intake before Bed

You can take food before going to bed because when you sleep, you take a long gap during which you do not eat, so apart from normal dinner, you should also eat something before going to bed.

Intake after Workout

Another good time is after workout because after workout since you have burnt a lot of calories and in order to restore those calories and to build stamina again, you should take protein rich shakes or meals because protein is very helpful in building muscles.

Role of Proteins in Muscle Building Diet

Proteins repair body cells and tissues and also increase packs on your muscles; there are a number of sources of proteins such as egg, meat, whole grain, dairy products such as yogurt, milk, cheese, butter, but no doubt the animal protein is denser than vegetable protein.

Role of Water in Muscle Building Diet

Water is a very important part of our body; 70% of our body is made up of water and a person in normal routine at least has to drink 8 to 12 glasses of water. Water is equally beneficial for building muscles as it energizes the body cells and avoid getting them dehydrated. Dehydration in body reduces body’s stamina; if you want to be active with greater stamina, drink water in sufficient quantity as per the body requirement to keep yourself healthy. Water is equally important for health growth and development and it plays an important role in energy transformation. If your body is dehydrated, there are fewer chances that your workout will give you expected output of increased stamina for more workout and increased energy.


Proper diet care with consistency will be very effective for making muscles over time. No doubt that diet is very essential part of routine to build muscles, if your diet is affected, it will affect your health and ultimately your muscles. Muscles cannot be built by heavy and rigorous muscle building workouts only as they also require lots of energy intake through proper muscle building diet.


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