The back and legs are the two largest muscle groups in our body. It is from a competent study of these muscles depends on the overall sports look. Read in this article – back training for girls: how to perform correctly.

Strange as it may sound, it’s almost impossible to achieve a flat, raised belly and thin arms unless you work on your back and booty. And if the majority of girls work on the lower part of the body diligently and with pleasure, many ignore their backs.

Back Exercises For Women

A healthy back is a guarantee of health in general. It’s a banal slogan, but in practice it means easy pregnancy, fast recovery in the postpartum period, regal posture and generally fewer problems with the spine, lungs and digestive system.

Only an integrated approach to training gives the desired result. The more muscles you work, the more calories you spend and the less they are deposited in fat.

Features Of Women’s Workouts

Back exercises for women differ from men’s workouts primarily in the number of repetitions and emphasis on stretching:

Exercises should be multi-repetitive – 12-15 times (unless, of course, you need to gain weight). In this mode, your back will work on relief and endurance. The silhouette will be turned without extra massiveness.

Set priorities in favor of basic multi-joint exercises: thrust of the upper block to the chest and pull-ups. From time to time use a different grip in order to use all parts.

Do not get carried away and be careful with the dead and the deadline. These exercises perfectly form the muscular corset, but tighten the muscles of the waist. Superfluous centimeters in a waist to you to anything.

women weightlifting gloves

Be sure to include in the training extensions as lying on the floor and on the bench (back extension). Again, you should not take more than 5 kg, the main thing here is the correct technique.

Exercises for the back for women must be alternated with stretching. Each approach of any exercise should end with a stretch. Standing clasp your knees and bend your back up for 10-15 seconds, then grab the rack of the simulator and lean back, hiding your head under your hands. Alternating the load and stretching will keep your back flexible and give her feline grace.

A Set Of Exercises For Beginners

Warm up Joint gymnastics and cardiovascular equipment – 15 minutes.

The back is arched, we move the shoulders back and to the center of the back, we reduce the shoulder blades. 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Thrust of the lower unit to the belt. Leave your knees half bent, your back is straight, your elbows move along your body, we reduce the shoulder blades and move our shoulders back. 3 sets of 15 repetitions.

Do not forget to stretch your back after each exercise.

Horizontal Pull-Ups. 3 Sets Of 10–12 Repetitions.

As you can see, exercises for the back for women are not very different from similar complexes for men. Pay attention to athlete’s nomination fitness bikini. These girls are admirable! However, they all regularly practice heavy strength training. Remember you must be wear weightlifting gloves during heavy training for your own safety.

Do not forget about proper nutrition and you will succeed!

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