How Does Drug Addiction Develop

How Does Drug Addiction Develop

How does drug addiction develop?

Modern people can develop various types of addictions – from alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, gambling and etc. One of the most common is drug dependence. It develops in people who have been taking a certain drug uncontrollably for a long time. Attempts to reduce the dosage or discontinue taking the drug with the development of addiction lead to the return and intensification of the manifestations of the disease.

Types of drug addiction

  • Experts divide drug dependence into two types.
  • mental (psychological)
  • physical.

Psychic dependence on drugs is manifested in the appearance of a person of a feeling of emotional dissatisfaction after discontinuation of the drug and the emergence of an irresistible desire to continue using it. This desire is usually so strong that it can turn into an obsession.

Physical dependence is more severe than psychological. It develops in a person if the drug has become part of the metabolism in his body. In this case, the withdrawal of the drug causes the development of withdrawal symptoms, the signs of which may be headache, insomnia, chills and other unpleasant manifestations. In severe cases, more serious problems may appear – epileptic seizures, tremors, etc.

What drugs do you get addicted to?

  • Most often, drug dependence is caused by the following groups of drugs.
  • sleeping pills.
  • anesthetics and analgesics.
  • sedatives.
  • psychostimulants.
  • antihistamines.
  • codeine-containing drugs.
  • Laxatives and appetite suppressants are sometimes triggered by the onset of drug dependence symptoms.

The wrong choice of medicines for overwork, depression, insomnia can be addictive on a psychological or physical level. A person feels that without taking a pill, he will not be able to fall asleep, cope with anxiety, or get work done. His life begins to depend on drugs.

To prevent this from happening, in the treatment of drug addiction and mental disorders, you need to carefully select the medicine and exactly follow the dosage prescribed by the doctor. Uncontrolled intake of medications can lead to the development of not only drug dependence also drug addiction.

Drug addiction often develops in women who constantly take laxatives to lose weight. Long-term use of laxatives leads to disruption of bowel function and the appearance of severe side effects.

Addiction can develop even due to uncontrolled intake of non-narcotic analgesics (spasmalgon, nurofen, citramone, etc.). Long-term use of suprastin a popular antihistamine drug that is addictive with prolonged use often leads to its appearance.

Self-medicating, a person takes the medicine without a doctor’s prescription and careful control on his part. This can lead to serious disruptions in the functioning of the internal systems of the body and the development of drug dependence.

The main sign of this pathological condition is the appearance of various ailments when the drug is canceled or its dosage is reduced. The following symptoms may also appear.

  • pressure surges.
  • sudden mood swings.
  • vegetative disorders.
  • the occurrence of causeless diffuse pain.
  • changes in blood composition.
  • dysfunction of the gastrointestinal tract.

How to get rid of drug addiction?

To get rid of drug addiction you must completely stop taking the drug. Few can do it on their own. In most cases, a person with such a problem needs professional help.

The specialists of the drug rehab centers provide treatment for drug addiction successfully cope with any form of addiction and use modern methods of treatment in their work.


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