Can LASIK Cure Astigmatism?

Can LASIK Cure Astigmatism?

According to the recent scientific reports, optometric association says that most of the people have some degree of astigmatism. The condition of astigmatism is the common problem that is caused due to the dual curvature of the cornea. In general, the shape of the eye is round, but in case of person with astigmatism, the eyeball shape is similar to that of the rugby ball. This might lead the light that enters into the eye at two different points and it doesn’t focus at one point on the retina. Due to this effect the vision of the person becomes fuzzy or blurred. 

How can the astigmatism be corrected

This condition of the vision can be corrected by three options – glasses, contact lenses or by laser eye surgery. By nature, astigmatism often accompanies with myopia or hyperopia. Prescribed glasses or lenses can correct astigmatism. Alternatively, there is another technique of laser eye surgery that can correct astigmatism which can provide a clear vision. Three laser procedures that can cure astigmatism – LASIK, ASLA and SMILE. 

Types of Astigmatism

There are three different types of astigmatism that exists among the people and all these three can be corrected using the LASIK technology

  1. Myopia astigmatism – in this condition, the person has one or both the central meridians of the eye are nearsighted. They are then myopic in varying degrees. 
  2. Hyperopia astigmatism – Here the meridians are far-sighted
  3. Mixed astigmatism – This is the rare condition where one is near and other one is farsighted. 

Additionally the astigmatism can be regular or irregular. In case of regular, the central meridians are 90 degrees away and while in irregular condition, the central meridians are not vertical to each other. People with astigmatism also accompanies with the corneal problems which gives the anterior surface of the eye an oval shape. 

LASIK surgery for treating astigmatism

If you have been diagnosed with astigmatism, then there are chances that your symptoms might turn worse over time until your vision goes poor. The better way to get the condition corrected is through LASIK eye surgery. While according to the recent evidences, LASIK eye surgery is an effective and permanent solution to treat the symptoms of astigmatism. And yes, LASIK surgery can fully correct the astigmatism condition and thereby most of the times eliminate the usage lenses. 

Wave front Lasik is the method otherwise called as custom LASIK which is the most effective procedure to treat astigmatism and can help the patient to completely change the vision. Wavefront – Guided LASIK (WFG) utilises the excimer laser that can normalize complex curvatures and additional irregularities on the cornea. 

During the LASIK procedure, the ophthalmologist or surgeon uses the laser light to reshape the cornea thereby making it more spherical and thus correcting the light wave to bend and focus to the right location in the eye. 

There are lot of benefits from this LASIK procedure for the astigmatism patients when compared to those wearing the glasses or contact lenses. It helps to improve the eyesight across the entire visual field, versus just the portion of the visual field that is covered by prescription eyewear. 

Is the laser eye surgery safe for astigmatism?

Millions of people with the astigmatism condition had the procedure done at various centres and according to the evidences LASIK, ASLA and SMILE are at low-risk and are suggested to be the effective procedures for the patients with the refractive errors. Additionally, these procedures have fewer side effects and other post surgery complications. 

Before you fix the LASIK procedure at the nearby center, it is advisable to get the suggestion from the eye doctor as in some cases the procedure is not advisable for the people with thin cornea or the refractive errors of the patient is too high.

Some patients might require more than one procedure to correct all their refractive error. In the past, LASIK was considered to be less efficient way to correct astigmatism completely and with the modern technology with laser guided treatment, it is possible to treat the condition perfectly and well. 


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