5 Healing Benefits of Art Therapy

5 Healing Benefits of Art Therapy

Many people who are not artistically inclined or don’t consider themselves talented avoid creating a piece of art, and simply expressing themselves through artistic media. When you put aside negative thoughts such as “I can’t do it” or “I’m not good enough” you will actually be surprised what you can do. Lastly, what you create is not important as the fact why you should create. Regardless of how you define art, creating it, no matter whether it’s through dancing, singing, painting, or something else, will bring you numerous health benefits. All you need to do in order to enjoy the benefits of creating art is, to be honest with yourself and open your body and mind to the process.

What Are the Healing Benefits of Art Therapy?

Engaging in art, no matter whether you create it or simply decide to visit art galleries near you to contemplate artwork, you can improve your concentration, mood, memory, learning capabilities, problem-solving skills and much more.  Here are five ways art can heal you.


If you have a very busy life, such as working, taking care of chores and children, you probably have little time for true and authentic self-expression. It is very important to give yourself this gift. Through art, you will process who you are, and give your soul an opportunity to be heard.

Releasing Judgment

Over time, you will learn that your artwork doesn’t have to be perfect or look professional in order to be a good piece of art. While creating art, you will learn how to release judgment, laugh at your mistakes, and in the end, realize that it may not have been a mistake at all. These lessons will translate to the other areas of your life and help you heal.

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Intuition can be very helpful in your life if you actually let it guide you. However, most people don’t believe in themselves or their intuition. Art is a safe way to follow your intuition and learn to live into it, and not only to follow your thoughts. What your soul wants you to create? What is slowing you down from following your heart’s desires? These struggling feelings also occur at work and in your relationships. Art can help you understand these struggles and overcome them successfully.


If you don’t like regular meditation, but you really need some time to unwind, Art therapy is a perfect way to relax and relieve stress. When creating a piece of art, the hands and the brain are focused on a relaxing activity just long enough to ensure you drift off into a meditative state.


Creating art over time will also help you accept things you can change. Maybe you won’t like your art, and that is entirely okay. Stepping out of your comfort zone is a success on its own, so you should be proud. Accepting that you’re good enough just as you are should also help you try to do some things again or simply to try something different you didn’t think about before.


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