3 Best Homemade Facial Masks

3 Best Homemade Facial Masks

In the markets, there are lots of products for getting shining and glowing face. They aim at selling to people for increasing their business and it is good to spread the business. People who are suffering from acne and other skin issues they search different ways and go for expensive medicines and creams for ridding problems which they face.

It is good to buy a cream or other medicine for treatment as this brings good changes on skin. It is better to know that all do not have the same skin; all are not alike for the reason that every individual has different type of skin. Consequently, there may be harm or reaction of pills, capsules or creams.

How if you can get your goal without spending much money? Moreover, you do not need to go for meeting dermatologist, chemist or visiting the drugstore. You must be surprising that how it is possible. Of course, it is possible only because of doing some home remedies.

1) Egg as a Facial Mask

In some Asian countries, it is really very common to use raw eggs as a facial mask for having shiny skin. It is really good to know that preparing this mask is not difficult for the reason that it will take a jiffy. You need to bring an egg and break it and use it as a mask after adding a few drops of lemon. It is better to beat it perfectly. Wait for 15 minutes and wipe your face smoothly with towel, tissue or a smooth cloth. You will have good result.

Potato as a Facial Mask

Take a potato and grate it into many pieces, wash them properly with cool water. Leave them in a big bowl. Add flour and mix it by adding egg yolk (do not make its paste). If this mixture is ready, you will apply it on your face for a few minutes and then wash it off. You will have shiny and sexy skin.

Clay as a Facial Mask

If look at clay, you will say there is no value in it. On the other hand, clay is very beneficial for your skin to cleanse it properly. Take one fist of clay, put it in a bowl, add water and coconut oil and beat it until it becomes a thick paste. Apply to your face and wait until it gets dried and then wash your face. Clay mask is pretty good for detoxifying, cleaning and exterminating all the dirt. It gives an impressive look to you.


  • If you are applying an egg mask, you must be sure that you will not go under the sunlight.
  • Do not try to add any cream made by any company.
  • If you use potato mask, you should not touch your face while smearing these potato pieces on your face.
  • Using clay mask, you should sift the clay so that smooth face mask can be made.


It is easy to make these all masks at your home easily, so you do not need to go to drugstore as your problems can be solved at your home. Finally, you enjoy your life, save your dollars and stay away from any effects of a drug, chemical or other medicines.


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