Drug Addiction, Gambling, And Other Mental Disorders

This document is a generally accepted statistical classification of medical diagnoses, which is used in healthcare in different countries for the uniformity of treatment methods and diagnosis.

Within our work, of particular interest to us is the section related to clinical descriptions and diagnostic recommendations for mental health, behavioral and neurodevelopmental disorders associated with the use and abuse of psychoactive substances.

But let’s start with the main thing. What is alcoholism and drug addiction according to WHO.

What is alcoholism and drug addiction?

In the classifier, which is still valid today, a whole section is devoted to determining the symptoms and severity of the course of diseases associated with the use and dependence on psychoactive substances. These include alcoholism and drug addiction.

These serious diseases are characterized by a combination of mental and somatic disorders, namely:

From a certain stage in the development of the disease, chronic diseases of the internal organs, as well as mental disorders, are added to them.

Dependence on psychoactive substances also changes the social life of a person, causing social and material damage.

Treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism

The treatment of drug addiction and alcoholism requires an integrated approach:

Each situation of an addict is special, so it is necessary to adhere to an individual treatment plan recommended by specialists: a narcologist, a psychiatrist, a psychologist.

Gambling addiction

In the new classifier, gambling addiction was also classified as a serious addictive disease.

In recent years, the popularity of online games has increased significantly, which has led to problems with excessive participation in games.

Gambling addiction is characterized by an inability to control the time spent on games, as well as an increase in negative consequences due to games, such as:

Gambling disorder leads to serious addiction and requires treatment, like other types of addiction.

Signs of gambling addiction

The worst thing is that teenagers often suffer from gambling addiction. The main task of the family is to provide a comprehensive close and seek help from a qualified psychologist.

Treatment of gambling addiction

 It is possible to cope with addiction only in cases of an integrated approach to treatment. And if everyone is well aware that alcohol or drug addiction requires mandatory drug therapy together with psychotherapeutic sessions, then in cases of gambling addiction.

People suffering from gambling disorder need psychological support. They also experience withdrawal and suffer emotionally.

Other mental disorders

In addition, the classifier also reflects such concomitant dependences of the disease as: catatonia, bipolar disorder, hoarding, complex post-traumatic disorder, prolonged mourning disorder. These diseases can act as consequences and as a catalyst for the emergence of various types of addiction, including alcohol, drugs or gambling.


Catatonia is one of the varieties of schizophrenia. And if in the previous version of the classifier the disease was one of the subtypes of schizophrenia, then in the new ICD-11, the catatonic syndrome is singled out as a separate disease.

This syndrome accompanies various mental disorders and is characterized by the following symptoms:

In the new classifier, this syndrome is considered in 3 states:

catatonia associated with mental disorders;

catatonia caused by the use of psychoactive substances;

secondary catatonia caused by various head injuries and other non-mental illnesses.

Bipolar II disorder

This disease is characterized by frequent changes in mood (affective disorders). In the new classifier, scientists have identified 2 types of disorders, depending on the severity of its course. Bipolar disorder is often diagnosed in people in the last stages of alcohol or drug addiction.


Pathological hoarding or Plushkin’s syndrome is characteristic of the last stages of alcohol addiction and is associated with an unbridled desire to accumulate things in view of their imaginary need.

Complex post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD)

PTSD occurs after severe or prolonged stressful situations. Situations such as torture, domestic violence, physical or sexual abuse can trigger PTSD. Wanting to hide from obsessive memories, people seek solace in alcohol and drugs. Complex PTSD replaces the ICD-10 category of permanent personality changes after a traumatic experience.

lingering mourning disorder

This is a condition in which a person cannot cope with the loss reaction for a long period of time (more than 6 months). Situations, where this disorder can manifest, include the death of a loved one: partner, parent, child.

Leak symptoms can include: sadness, guilt, anger, denial, difficulty accepting death, feeling like a person has lost a part of themselves, inability to experience positive moods, loss of emotionality, and difficulty in social or other activities. 

Prolonged mourning disorder is also associated with the development of dependence on psychoactive substances, which greatly complicates treatment. Often, after the loss of loved ones, a person literally becomes an inveterate drunkard, in such a case, complex psychotherapeutic assistance and treatment is needed.

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The Overview of Anger Management Program

Anger is a natural human emotion that needs to be released. However, it’s essential to keep anger under control to avoid unwanted effects. Many individuals can manage anger decently, but others simply can’t. The individuals who find their anger constantly erupting to the point of harming others’ emotions or physical damage, an anger management program is necessary. It’s certainly possible to control anger so that we may still express anger in a manner that won’t rule our lives or damage our relationships with others.

Anger isn’t a negative kind of emotion. It’s natural to respond aggressively in some situations. If you’ve been treated unfairly or you feel that others have been unfair, you may get justifiably furious. For instance, it’s appropriate to raise your voice if anyone has mistreated us. However, if it becomes repetitious to the point that people feel frightened or see us as unapproachable, it doesn’t matter if our complaints are valid; we are already lost.

Striking things occasionally arises from outbreaks of anger, but if it becomes regular or if we resort to hitting other people, then we have to calm it down and control it. There are several misunderstandings about anger management that we will deal with them one by one.

While anger shouldn’t be repressed, letting it out in a violent way isn’t a healthy option, particularly if aimed at others.

There are some individuals who use anger as a way of obtaining respect. That doesn’t hold up since anger is extremely unlikely to earn respect; instead, it will create fear and mistrust.

Regarding management, there are those who believe that anger can’t be controlled, but that is unrealistic. Anger will surface when we are pushed hard. The potential of becoming upset frequently brings us to the problem of expressing it appropriately.

Before we investigate how to handle anger correctly, we need to analyze its repercussions. If it isn’t controlled or managed successfully, everything is ruined.

  • We destroy our relationships with significant people whom we may be harming physically or emotionally because of poorly managed anger.
  • We damage our relationships with others since we become frightening and terrifying with our anger; we don’t come off as someone who is pleasant to work with.
  • Poorly expressed anger destroys us badly. We get stressed frequently, thereby raising the risk of a variety of diseases.
  • We also become unable to think effectively, focus well, and resolve issues.

We realize the significance of keeping anger under cognitive control, so it’s now our duty to follow certain anger management methods.

Make sure to recognize your behavioral indications of anger, such as you realize that you’re getting furious already. These symptoms remind you that you’re becoming furious already, and at that time, you’ll stop, reflect, and discover to express it constructively.

To release anger, you can get away from the scenarios that make you furious, and then you can breathe deeply, do an exercise, or listen to soothing music. In this way, you can think about the issue with a more concentrated approach.

Find out what gets you furious. Is it difficult for you to compromise on problems or to tolerate different viewpoints?

Do you dread anything, or are you guilty of something, and you’re simply using anger to cover it up? You need to analyze your emotions properly in order to manage your anger all the time.

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The Role Of Science-Based Care In Women’s Addiction Treatment Program

At an addiction and recovery center, the experts use a variety of treatment strategies that are evidence-based. This type of care is supported by strong scientific evidence that the treatment is safe and effective. The evidence-based women’s addiction treatment in these programs consists of the following:

  • Medical therapy, i.e., pharmacogenetic testing and targeted therapy
  • Psychotherapy for individual, group, and family
  • Cognitive remediation
  • Education to understand mental health conditions, self-care
  • Cpmrehneisve aftercare plan to prevent relapse
  • Process groups for anger management, coping skills, and relapse prevention
  • Lifestyle development, including nutrition, exercise, sleep hygiene, and recovery meetings
  • Neurofeedback, i.e., adjunctive therapy
  • Experiential therapies that include expressive arts, yoga, recreational, and equine therapies
  • A family program
  • Semi-structured rest periods consisting of leisure activities, reading, journaling, games, and movies
  • Other treatment strategies

Women who choose the addiction and recovery treatment program have usually been struggling with various life challenges for a long time. At a recovery center, women can find a restful, safe and compassionate environment in which they can begin the healing process for the best results. This whole process consists of progress through a few different phases or levels of care. The experts including online suboxone doctors for people suffering opioid addiction understand the important role women play in their family members’ lives, so they strive to make sure that all the time spent in the addiction and recovery treatment program is an investment in their future.

Women in these programs reside in a private, secure, home-like setting with luxury accommodations. The recovery treatment is provided at a centralized facility; transportation is provided to and from the locale. Every woman’s journey is different, but there are some general common factors of the program. Upon admission, each new patient will undergo:

  • 24/7 care
  • Safe and comfortable detox according to the needs of the patient
  • Comprehensive medical and psychological valuation
  • Introduction to the facility and the addiction and recovery treatment procedure
  • Creation of individual treatment goals and a customized treatment plan
  • Transition into treatment from 3 to 21 days

The next phase of treatment involves the following elements:

  • 24/7 care
  • Symptom management
  • Full days of customized addiction and recovery treatment
  • Weekend visits from family and friends
  • Introduction to the recovery community through attendance at peer support meetings by patient preference
  • Transition to intensive outpatient follow-up

The intensive outpatient phase is similar to the residential phase, except that patients can spend less time in education and intensive treatment. Instead, the focus is on transitioning back to regular life. The intensive outpatient phase provides the following:

  • A supportive environment
  • Ongoing therapy
  • A recovery community
  • Relapse prevention
  • Transition to outpatient care, e-therapy, and the continuing care program

Continuing care helps women to bridge the gap between completing treatment and establishing their own recovery network in their local community. Continuing care offers the following:

  • Detailed aftercare plans, including medications, appointments, meetings, contact numbers
  • Individualized relapse prevention plan
  • Events and educational opportunities

These addiction and recovery programs are perfect for women who are:

  • Voluntarily willing to participate in the program
  • Committed to improving their physical and mental health
  • Unable to fully function in life due to substance use or mental illness due to trauma, depression, anxiety, or other conditions

There are conditions that require referral to an appropriate hospital for stabilization prior to enrolling in the program:

  • Women requiring emergency medical care
  • Women who are actively suicidal or homicidal
  • Women who are diagnosed as actively psychotic
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Key Recommendations To Boost Your Mental Health

Maintaining good mental health is relatively easy, unlike physical health, which requires people to hit the gym, follow heavy workout sessions, and ensure a strict dietary regime. The following is a set of easy recommendations that a person can apply for the well-being of their mental health:

Eat healthy diet

Instead of restricting one’s diet and starving himself or herself to death, eating healthy and maintaining a nutritious diet can ensure the well-being of both physical health and mental health. You can visit anewtreatmentcenter.com for ore details about mentla health.

Sleep on time

Contrary to common belief, sleep is not a leisure activity. It plays a significant role in ensuring good mental health. A timely and adequate amount of daily sleep helps in keeping the stress levels low and strengthening the brain.

Exercise regularly

It is important to slog in a gym at least for an hour to get sound mental health. Simple exercises, such as walking, running, or even cycling, can do the magic. The idea is to stay physically fit, active and alert, which further helps the brain in remaining healthy and strong.

Practice experiential therapies

Practicing yoga and meditation not only helps in relaxing and calming the brain but also in achieving mindfulness.

Skip the virtual world

Instead of staying connected with family and friends on social media platforms, try meeting them in real. Spending more time with loved ones and sharing both concerns and happiness can boost mental health.

Journal wandering thoughts

Develop the habit of penning down thoughts, ideas, concerns, issues, and worries to alleviate stress and find realistic solutions to all problems.

Maintaining a work-life balance

Give equal weightage to both work life and personal to find mental peace.

Get adequate sunshine

Sunlight, a rich source of vitamin D, is essential for the healthy development of the human brain and body. Additionally, vitamin D catalyzes the release of mood-boosting chemicals like endorphins and serotonin.

Spend some alone time

A person should take out “alone time” for himself or herself to understand his or her thoughts and feelings. This will help him or her in resolving any complications.

Develop a hobby

Pursuing a hobby not only helps in enhancing cognitive skills but also in developing the brain.

Be surrounded by positivity

Staying positive not only surges good thoughts but also makes one feel unburdened and energetic.

Stop being judgmental

The characteristic of judging others spreads negativity. Moreover, it includes a lot of calculations, comparisons, and competition that can further add to mental stress.

Assess relationships

It is important to maintain healthy relationships to witness positive impacts on both physical and mental health.

Prevent alcohol

Since alcohol is a depressant, it commonly triggers a range of depressive symptoms in the user. Hence, regular and excessive consumption of alcohol can also cause depression.

Prevent substance abuse

Substance abuse is one of the prominent triggers of mental disorders. Apart from causing physical harm, it can also lead to mental illnesses, such as depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, etc.

Mental health is as important as physical health. Therefore, one should not hesitate to seek medical intervention to ensure good mental health. The consultation with a licensed medical practitioner immediately after the onset of any depressive symptoms can lead to early and complete recovery from any kind of mental health condition.

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Decorate Your House With Style This Summer And Have Fun

Decorating your home in summer is too much fun and this one is a great idea to update or change your room decor or home decor. You can use a lot of things such as flowers,  balloon garlands, light fabrics, and small lights to decorate your house amazingly.  All these things such as balloon garlands and flowers are not too expensive and you can afford them very easily if you want to update your decor. As we all know that in the case of summer activities all of us are supposed to stay both inside and outside this means that we have a lot of space that we can decorate according to our choice. All you need to keep in mind is that the key to a summer decor is using light fabrics, and bright colors so this would create a beach-inspired decor. If you are still confused about your summer home decor then this article is for you. Read it till the end to know the most amazing ideas for summer decor

  • The first thing to keep in mind is that floral decor is always in style and if you are in the mood of adding a classic look to your house then there is no other perfect time than this summer season. You can apply a floral theme to your wallpaper,  pillow covers, and even your curtains. This word adds a glimpse of nature to your room
  • You need to know that metal finishes add amazing glamour to any room. If you want to add a metallic theme to your room then in this case it is recommended for you to add a copper industrial pendant lamp and an antique side table that would give a man’s elegance to your room. If you want to add some more to this then you can also use candle holders, coffee tables kitchen made metal
  • If you are an enthusiast of nature and you want to add plants to your indoor decor, it is recommended for you to make your own small living wall inside your home. You can do this by training a vine to grow on some kind of wall sculpture that would be already hanging on the wall.  Moreover, if you want to add something more dreamy to this theme then use cascading plants in the hanging baskets and fact you and also train them to hang on the wall sculpture in your room
  • Summer evenings are always the most beautiful part of the day and it would be extremely unfair to have summer evenings without outdoor lighting. You can get inspiration by looking at an outdoor restaurant and other spaces which we often have for dining outside. All you have to do is to take a string of light and instead of adding one large light you can use Christmas lights or a string of any other white lights. There is a huge collection of string lights available in the market, there are many colors that would suit any theme. But the best ones are white bulbs and they can easily fit into any decorating themes
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