Why is prescription drug treatment different from the abuse of other drugs

Prescription drug abuse is at an all-time high which means that treating prescription drug addiction is more imperative than ever before. Teens are overdosing at shocking rates, more people are becoming involved in the legal system, and people are even dying from prescription drug abuse. The numbers are literally in the millions.

These numbers signify that there is even a greater need for prescription drug treatment than ever before. While some drugs warrant more psychological treatment from the drugs, this is not the case with prescription drug treatment. People that are coming off of prescription drugs need a more stringent line of treatment that includes medical supervision during detox, formal inpatient treatment, counseling regimens, and a complete aftercare program.

People that abuse prescription drugs usually develop a severe addiction problem, and withdrawal from the drugs is, in fact, life-threatening. No one that is abusing prescription drugs should ever consider anything other than professional prescription drug treatment. This is because there is a medical staff constantly monitoring patients in detox, and they can make the often-difficult process of treating prescription drug addiction much easier to get through.

The detox process is followed by residential prescription drug treatment. This program will last a minimum of 30 days. The program is supervised and quite structured, offering complete concentration on treating prescription drug addiction. Prescription drug treatment includes individual counseling, group counseling, family counseling, drug education, and how to make healthy lifestyle choices. These are all of the tools necessary for long-term abstinence.

The exact type of prescription drug treatment that each patient requires can vary based on various factors. The first factor is if the patient is addicted to opiate pain pills, stimulants, tranquilizers, or a combination. Each drug type requires a different form of prescription drug treatment so that it is successful. This is why it is so important that every individual gets a thorough evaluation before entering prescription drug treatment.

The basis of prescription drug treatment is basically the same as it is for other types of addictions; however, it is more likely that a combination of efforts will be used for treating prescription drug addiction. These may include cognitive behavioral therapy to target the way that patients think about and make decisions about drugs. It is also important for the patient to understand the root causes of their addiction and that a better life is waiting for them once they are clean and sober.

The reason that treating prescription drug addiction is different than treating other addictions has a lot to do with the way that the brain is affected by prescription drugs, especially opiate pain pills. Opiates stimulate opiate receptors that are all over the brain, stimulating the brain’s reward system. Opiates affect pleasure and pain relief in the brain. The brain produces endorphins that trigger opiate receptors. This must all be thoroughly understood when effectively treating prescription drug addiction.

Treating prescription drug abuse is much more difficult than treating other drug addictions. While all recovering drug addicts do experience powerful cravings that often lead to relapse, treating prescription drug addiction is more complicated. This is because of what the prescriptions often do to the brain. More simply put, to treat cocaine addiction and prescription opiate addiction the same would be a great wrongness to the patient.

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Things To Know About IQOS

IQOS tobacco heating system is the development of Philip Morris. This system still remains the most popular and demanded on the market and despite the fact that more competitors appear on sale.

IQOS is the only brand offering two different types of alternatives to smoking: tobacco heating systems and electronic cigarettes. IQOS doesn’t burn tobacco but heats it. There is no liquid, only natural tobacco.

About gadget and technology 

IQOS is a tobacco heating system running with tobacco sticks. Tobacco Stick is a type of cigarette with improved filtration. Sticks are filled with a tobacco mixture, impregnated with an aqueous solution of food glycerin. A distinguishing peculiarity from ordinary smoking is that there is no open flame and tobacco is heated only to a temperature of 350°C.

Obviously, in this case, smoking remains smoking, but it’s less harmful. Because nicotine is served in the respiratory system together with the ferry, and not with smoke. The tobacco heating technology developed by Philip Morris has already been repeatedly duplicated by other companies. However, the present-day remains original, since the tobacco is heated not at the external perimeter as in Ploom developed by Winston, but from the inside. Anyway, most people associate safe tobacco heating technology only with the IQOS brand.

How does IQOS work? 

IQOS is a structurally complex device consisting of 3 elements:

  • The charger is necessary to charge the holder after each use.
  • The holder actually is a smoking device in which the heating element is located and where the sticks are inserted.
  • Heated tobacco sticks are structurally complex products in which there is a certain amount of compressed tobacco dust and filter.

With the release of tobacco heating systems from other brands, marketer Philip Morris realized that the decision to produce systems with separate components was not the most successful. Therefore, the IQOS 3 Multi model appeared on sale, where the holder and the charger is single integer. But, oddly enough, the system with separate components traditionally takes greater popularity.

Read more info about IQOS models and purchase it on Heated.pro 

So, general info about IQOS you already know. Certainly, you can still smoke ordinary cigarettes, which are more expensive annually and do not become better… But is it worth all this? Meanwhile, numerous studies confirm that the only harm for the body from tobacco when using IQOS is the effects of nicotine. Resin, paper and other decay products that are allocated during burning tobacco do not fall into the human’s body. Isn’t it a reasonable reason to go and buy IQOS?

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Treating Addictions is Possible with Addiction Treatment Facility

Each case of addiction is different and therefore has its own peculiarities. However, from the therapeutic statistics, it can be generalized that addictions are usually generated by very great pain that the addicted person cannot bear and uses various addictive means to anesthetize the pain, but it does not eliminate the pain or deep wound. One can be addicted to food, shopping, money, gambling, smoking, alcohol, or any other drug, and even certain types of relationships and ultimately need addiction treatment.

Self-esteem is the umbrella that can protect us from addictions or depression and helps us to have our own worth begin to form within the family. Let’s see it like this: if a plant needs certain care to grow, i.e., water, light, air, let’s imagine how much more a child needs to whom thousands of feelings and values are transmitted in a changing and convulsed society.

The son or daughter of an addicted parent is exposed to a negative example, so the action of other family members is crucial, who can promote the healing of this parent, who with their actions shows that something negative is happening in his family, something that quite possibly the other members prefer not to see.

From this perspective, an addict can be seen as a scapegoat seeking to purify the guilt of his system through his own sacrifice. He allows the other family members the option to focus on his pathology rather than looking at himself.

In these cases, the commitment of the family is vital, whose members must concatenate efforts to generate change and recovery from the unhealthy. It’s noteworthy that the addict is someone who already has a predisposition to addiction because not everyone who suffers a high degree of stress becomes an addict. For all this, it’s essential to work on their structure, their drives, their behaviors, and their links.

It’s significant that there’re competent bodies that devote their attention to all these cases and that work toward the better integration of each one of them in society.

Support groups have shown their positive power to cope with these complicated dynamics, both for those directly involved and for their families. There are many non-profit organizations such as that have many years of experience and have expanded all over the world.

In addition, there are many rehabilitation centers that offer professional and specialized personal support to treat addictions and overcome them completely. It is important to inform you that these addiction treatment centers are specialized and are located within everyone’s reach. Therefore, they assure you that they offer techniques and therapies that will allow you to abandon and overcome your demons for good.

Once you join an addiction treatment program, they help you take back the reins of your life with absolute command. They assure you that they can help you to abandon and overcome any addiction whenever you contact them. To enjoy a high quality of life, you should not let addictions control your life with the help of a professional addiction therapist.

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Things You Should Know About Drug Rehab Centers

When an addict experiences the effects of his or her drug abuse, it is normal that he would seek professional assistance as well as the backing of his family members and friends in order to restart his life and remain sober. Rehabilitation is a crucial step to achieve this objective, so special facilities are needed. Drug rehab centers are specialist institutions that cater to the requirements of individuals who need professional assistance with addictions that include drug and alcohol dependency.

Because of the principles for successful drug addiction treatment of the NIDA and my expertise in dealing with addictive behaviors, and my research of rehab centers across the globe, I can say that one must know certain things about a drug and alcohol rehab center before joining a treatment program.

The rehab center guarantees that patients who undergo treatment are carefully monitored by experienced medical experts, ensuring that they experience a safe time of rehabilitation and therapy. Rehab differs from one person to the other, and this is why drug rehab centers cater to a range of patients requiring a customized type of intervention. Patients may range from problematic adolescents to grownups and also convicted criminals that have committed a crime. While the treatment for these clients differs, one objective remains the same: To assist patients to recover inside out and allow them to do something good with their lives.

Drug rehabilitation may also occur outside a center. Patients receiving therapy outside the center may receive therapies by routinely attending counseling. Throughout these sessions, the individuals may freely share how they deal with their difficulties and their issues with drug and alcohol addiction. They may also learn from other patients via interactive conversation, exchanging experiences, and empathy. Treatment is often lifelong and never-ending, with sessions available to anybody in need, whether they are currently through rehabilitation or have had relapses.

Family members, as well as close friends, are also invited to attend the therapy for the reason that drug addiction and alcohol misuse impacts personal connections. Involving the patient’s significant others allows good coping strategies and mutual support essential to recovery. These treatment sessions for relatives also vary because families are distinct from each other.

The therapies that drug treatment centers may provide to patients are extremely significant. A well-maintained center may work as a second home to the disturbed people who have chosen to seek treatment. Numerous individuals who have adhered to and successfully finished treatment have said that rehabilitation assisted them in being productive, and this is why they’re pleased with their accomplishments. After therapy, individuals are released into society with the necessary information, self-control, and self-confidence that they need to begin a better life.

Drug rehab centers give patients a secure and supportive environment. It also enables them to meet and connect with others experiencing similar difficulties linked with addiction. In this regard, peer support is an essential component. Patients resort to their friends in their weak times even after recovery. The support obtained from their peers help them sustain long-term recovery.

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The Holistic Treatment for Addiction

Being a highly complicated issue, addiction does not respond to a single solution that is applicable to all individuals. When centers for drug and alcohol treatment were first established, the 12-step concept of Alcoholics Anonymous served as the basis for all that followed. The 12-step method was seen as the sole viable choice for those seeking drug rehabilitation.

During the last several years, the holistic treatment approach has developed, and it has fundamentally altered the foundation for what is regarded to be successful pharmacological therapy. As a general rule, holistic treatment facilities treat people as a whole from the inside out, using many techniques and modalities, including therapies for individuals, couples, families, hypnosis, physical training, and a nutritious diet.

There are lots of benefits of using a holistic treatment approach. In contrast to 12-step programs, which operate under the outmoded assumption that addiction is an incurable illness and that the addiction itself is the main issue, holistic treatment facilities provide a far more coherent and effective approach. As a consequence, these facilities mostly provide group treatment and do not provide counseling tailored to individual issues. There’s no consideration given to the fact that each individual is dealing with a unique set of problems and life situations and that private attention and individually tailored therapy is the only way to successfully navigate the minefield of issues that are lurking beneath the surface.

Drug and alcohol addiction, and eventually dependence on drugs and alcohol, is simply a coping strategy for people who are experiencing physical and emotional suffering. According to studies, it’s possible to be fully cured of your addiction; but, in order to discover this treatment, you must first identify the underlying reasons for your actions. For instance, an individual with abuse, suffering from depression or mental illness, going through a divorce, or is otherwise distressed is much more likely to turn to drugs or alcohol as a means of numbing their pain, which eventually leads to a dependency on their substance of choice, according to research. Essentially, after you have identified and worked through the source of your suffering, you will no longer have a desire to utilize drugs or alcohol to dull the discomfort. The likelihood of relapse increases if you just concentrate on the addiction and don’t address the underlying issues.

When it comes to addiction, there are lots of very personal and painful experiences that most individuals won’t feel comfortable discussing in public. No matter if you’re suffering from an undetected medical illness, childhood trauma, family issues, or other underlying reasons of addiction, individual treatment is much more effective at discovering what causes you to go for drugs and alcohol abuse.

For addiction treatment and avoiding relapse, a holistic treatment approach is one the most efficient and practices options. The non-12-step programs are very effective and will assist you in identifying the problems that are driving your drug addiction, which are the most significant roadblocks in your journey to living a clean, happy, and healthy lifestyle for yourself.

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