Problems of Black Skin & Blessings of White Skin

Problems of Black Skin & Blessings of White Skin

In this article, you are going to be shown the reality about having black or white complexion in the light of history, thinking and interest of the current era.

Since the beginning of the world black color face is not desired and adored whereas white color face is always admirable what owns magnetic influence so that the eyes of people actually have to look into this. Black and white are two different things. Here it is not expressed that black is bad or white is good; there is a truism to be expressed about what is admired and what is not.

Because of the weather and places of globe, there are different skin textures but black as well as white tones are widely recognized. The tones of colors sometimes discriminate between two things good-looking and ill-looking, but by this ill-looking, it does not mean evil, harm or terrible look.

Comparison between white and black elaborates that there is huge difference between white and black; to a great extent white is adored and to some extent black is appreciated. They both are made by God and he knows and sees better than all that what the reason is that white and black color are different things.

In the light of wisdom, eye ball is usually black sometimes is brown and hardly is blue or green; eye ball sees a face which is blond. It likes being content to be near to white skin. It is not hundred present sure that dark cannot be revered.

In the Middle East, and several countries of Asia such as Pakistan, India, Bangladesh and Nepal, women are not considered beautiful and to some civilizations do not consider men and women good-looking despite the fact owning black skin texture.

It is a problem that for the purpose of tying the knot, many girls are rejected due to having dark complexion even though they have decent personality and appearance. It is not a current era issue because all must have heard from ancestors that white skin is the most desirable in the subcontinent.

Majority of those who are not having white color, they feel complex and are not be satisfied with their skin complexion, especially in subcontinent and go for the ways to make their skin fair. Strictly speaking, they feel like having blond skin.

Nowadays by advertising on television and broadcast it has been come known that almost all and sundry are fanatic to cross the race of getting white color; craze of getting fair skin is not only frequent in female but male also. There is no cream, or cosmetic product to blacken the texture of people in the market; it proves that no one agrees to have black complexion.

By many advertisements regarding getting fair skin, it has been known that people have inquisitiveness to get fair; they have gaiety to be blond and this may be the tradition of current time especially young generation is keen on this. There has been observed that girls and boys who are very young are very fond of applying different types of creams, lotions and other cosmetics for getting luminous skin.

Some lack confidence partly because of having black complexion. According to the some commercials, at the time of interview, sometimes they are rejected. This is somehow true but not hundred percent right because it has never been seen in real. Well, an advertisement is just a trick to sell something after knowing your interest.

Finally, these are provided by the nature, both are having some exotic effectiveness upon all, the desire and interest are towards white when it is question of likeness. In the last, it very important to know that more than ninety-five percent poets, thinkers and philosophers appreciated white skin in their statements, saying as well as poetry.


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